Failing Projects and The Friendly Tyranny of The Internet.

As Spring changed into Summer this year, I tried and failed to do a 100 Day Project. I stopped interacting with people on Twitter. I withdrew from the UX Design Slack I love so dearly. I didn’t write anything new or design anything outside of work for 4 months. I was very sad.

The root of the problem was pretty easy to identify—I was in a job that was a bad fit for me and I needed to leave it. I did a month ago, and have been slowly returning to the things that I enjoy and get me excited to create.

I feel like it would be impressively cocky to try and declare any grand life lessons, but I did learn a few things from it.

  • Fixing the little problems won’t fix the big problem. You have to address the big problem too.
  • Shaming yourself into motivation only works to a point. After you cross that point, the shame crushes any motivation remaining.
  • Communication mediums like Twitter and this blog should be that, communication. If I’m only working publicly because I want people to notice me, I’m a self absorbed idiot and my projects will fail.

I’ve been happily reengaging, and have found an amount of support in those communities that surprises and encourages me a lot. I’m going to try and close out the project so it’s not sitting abandoned at post number 23 and because I know the value of it to my own thought process and in just enjoying the work that I do.

So thanks internet. I sincerely appreciate it (Even though you gave me a sustained freakout for a few months)