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100 Days of Good UX: A Recap

As soon as I wrote the last word for my 100 days blog, a palpable sense of relief washed over me. I posted the last post, sent the last email, and sat back in my chair in an almost perfect facsimile of this:

Reviewed: Learning Axure RP Interactive Prototypes

This book would be most appropriate for an intermediate Axure user who is looking to elevate their Axure skills to an expert level. The book is an extended walkthrough about how to build a specific ecommerce prototype, which can be downloaded as a supplement to the text.

Abusing Patterns and the Death of the Modal

User expectations are a moving target. We don’t get to develop in a vacuum and whenever we create, we inherit the entire ecosystem of the user. This is a double edged sword. On the one hand we don’t have to start from scratch in building expectations. However, when our fellow designers begin to abuse useful patterns, our users develop bad expectations and worse habits.