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Project: Digital Portfolio

When students with disabilities finish highschool, they don’t just graduate. Instead, they have to navigate an entire secondary process known as “Transition,” which weighs heavily on them as they finish their studies. The goal is to find a new environment that suits their unique needs. The process is rarely that straightforward.

100 Days of Good UX: A Recap

As soon as I wrote the last word for my 100 days blog, a palpable sense of relief washed over me. I posted the last post, sent the last email, and sat back in my chair in an almost perfect facsimile of this:

Project: Funeral Matters

The death of a loved one is one of the hardest things to cope with. Funerals have a tendency to make a difficult time seem impossible. A sea of potential costs crash into a mountain of protective legislation. The result is rarely pretty.

Project: BUNN

When I first learned about this project, the image that popped into my head was of the ubiquitous steel coffee machine that pops up at nice places that still comp you coffee, like a hotel or… well a funeral home.

Project: Vertafore

Vertafore is a company that provides software to insurance companies, delivering insight, flexibility, and power into the hands of their customers. As they went through the process of redesigning their site, they realized that they had a bigger problem to solve, their brand.