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The Axure Panel Exploder

Axure began as a tool to create functional specifications, and over time it pivoted slooowly to be its current interactive prototyping powerhouse. Interestingly, the better it becomes at prototyping, the more that the functional specs seem to lag by the wayside.

Digital Portfolio

Helping high-school students with disabilities navigate their transition to college, work, and community living.

A Taxonomy of Prototyping Tools

On Designer Hangout, I moderate one of the more popular channels, #resources_tools. With the glut of new prototyping tools that have been released this year, I’ve found myself grouping them into quick categories so I can talk about them more easily (and understand where the new things fit in.) I’ve been working on a project to better explore this range of tools (In the same vein as Cooper’s work on this)—but it’s also useful to have a vocabulary to talk about these different tools.